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USave Tuition Guarantee

Indiana Tech has long been committed to keeping college affordable. Now we’re extending this commitment even further with the USave tuition guarantee. Designed for incoming freshmen and transfers in our traditional undergraduate program, USave keeps your tuition at the same level each year until you graduate.

It’s that simple – your tuition stays frozen where it starts, for your entire college career. You get affordability, peace of mind and the ability to plan ahead with confidence while earning your degree.

USave Program Requirements

To maintain eligibility in Indiana Tech’s USave tuition guarantee program, you must:Indiana Tech’s USave tuition guarantee program is available to students who begin their freshman year before the 2024 fall semester. To maintain eligibility in this program, you must:

  • Remain in good academic standing throughout your studies at Indiana Tech.
  • Remain enrolled as a full-time student in the traditional undergraduate program, each semester each year, from your start date until graduation.

Students who do not remain consistently enrolled (those who take a semester or more off) during their time in the USave tuition guarantee program will lose their eligibility. As such, the freeze on their tuition will be lifted and they will be charged at the current year’s tuition rate upon their return. This will occur regardless of the reason for the break in enrollment (personal choice, academic suspension, disciplinary or other reasons).

To learn more about USave and apply to Indiana Tech today, contact your Admissions Counselor at 800.937.2448, ext. 3103 or