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Independent Students

If you are an independent student, you must follow these steps to complete the verification process.

  1. Log into your financial aid portal and review missing documents on your To-Do list.
  2. If requested, complete and sign the Independent Verification Worksheet.  Verification forms can be found via your my.indiana tech portal or on our  forms page.
  3. If requested, submit your tax return transcripts and W-2s. You may submit these documents in one of two ways:
    • Electronically through the IRS Data Retrieval Tool on the Student Financial Information tab of your FAFSA. This is the fastest option as this information should reach the Indiana Tech financial aid office in three to five business days.
    • Visit the IRS website and click on “Get Transcript of Your Tax Records” and follow prompts in order to download a copy of your tax transcript. That copy should then be submitted to our office for review.
  4. If requested, submit your spouse’s tax return transcripts and W-2s. You and your spouse will need to provide physical copies of your tax return transcripts and W-2s if your filing status was anything other than married-filing jointly.
  5. Submit any additional documentation as requested.

To avoid delays in receiving your financial aid, please submit all documents in a timely manner. All documents should be submitted within two weeks of initial request and must be received at least one week prior to the student’s last date of attendance for processing.